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Successful executives master both the art of leadership and the science of management. They are individuals who:
Develop Mental Agility
  • Embrace complexity
  • Appreciate ambiguity
  • Pursue interests, perspectives and thought processes
  • Explore complexity out of heightened inquiry and mental risk-taking
  • Employ the art of questioning
Display Interpersonal Presence
  • Self-reflect and develop conscious self-awareness
  • Monitor counter-productive behaviour and change it
  • Adjust role and style to the situation
  • Manage conflict and harness it for creative results
Demonstrate Change Mastery
  • Embrace continuous improvement
  • Balance tactical objectives and strategic vision
  • Employ conceptual modeling in thinking and problem-solving
  • Integrate tenacity and resiliency in change initiatives
Instill Goal and Results Orientation
  • Create vision and inspire others
  • Address their own performance
  • Differentiate priorities and act accordingly
  • Manage expectations and deliver on promises
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